We offer a range of services

At Technical Access we offer a range of services, from our state of the art Training Courses through to Consulting and Inspections.

Services Overview

TAG is focused on building relationships based on trust and integrity with our clients. This has led us to move away from a traditional Operations minded model, and instead to a Rope Access Management Partner service. 
Supplying our clients with trained, certified and mentored Irata Level 3 Site Safety Supervisors, skilled trade technicians and management safety systems to assist their existing teams field operations in a compliant and safe manner.
TAG offer technical support in regards to safety documentation and methodology. Our primary focus has traditionally been around Safety Method Statements, Risk Analysis and Mitigation, Rigging and Access Plans, Rescue Plans and Safe Work Procedures.
We also offer an in-house ‘Working at Height PPE Inspection’ service which covers all makes and models of Working at Height PPE. Clients are able to have their life support equipment cleaned, serviced and inspected. 
Working closely with our engineers we offer Anchor Inspection and Certification services as an all in one package. 
TAG have teamed up with STAHT UK as the North American sales and servicing partner. Using the STAHT digital anchor tester we are able to deliver reports of testing from site  directly to our engineers avoiding costly delays to our clients. 
Where clients are wanting to do their own anchor testing, they can purchase their own anchor test units, receive the training and be connected to an engineer all at the same time.
Annual calibration services for the Digital Anchor Testing Load Cells are carried out right here in North Vancouver.

Training Courses

With a primary vision for mentoring technicians and raising the standard within the working at height industry. This has naturally led to us building and establishing our growing training program. Bringing in Instructors who share our vision for training and mentoring the next generation of competent and confident rope access technicians, in an environment where they feel welcome and can grow is key to the continuing success of our company.
Offering a reliable service for both individual and corporate training.
From the beginning, we’ve run a 6 day programme: 5 days of training with either an Irata or Dual SPRAT/IRATA Assessment on the 6th day.
This has enabled us to ensure our students are not only prepared for their final assessment / evaluation but also competent and confident for working in a real world setting. 


TAG supply equipment from leading manufacturers in the Rope Access and Working at Height industries. We offer a wide range of equipment and accessories, to ensure our customers have the right tools to get their work done safely. Supporting our local Working at Height industry includes, building maintenance, industrial services, entertainment and movie crews and general construction.
Its not just Rope Access equipment that we supply but we also want to ensure our Working at Height community is able to carry out their work safely and compliantly. With that we promote the leading dropped object prevention tool tethering and lanyard products from ‘Never Let Go’ (NLG) UK. By building on the best practices of Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) and collaborating with other industry leaders, NLG have established one of the most trusted dropped object prevention programmes worldwide.


Focusing on building relationships based on trust and integrity with our clients has lead us to move away from pursuing an operational mindset to more of a Rope Access Management service,  supplying Irata Level 3 Site Safety Supervisors and skilled trade technicians, to assist our clients teams with their field operations.

We provide our clients with ongoing consulting and mentorship in the world of rope access. Whether you need advice on what equipment to use on a project or want to expand your safe work procedures, we are here to help.